by Allison Saia



Allison Cline-Saia


She lives in a world that exists only in her mind. 

Fragmented and false.

Extant on a plane neither here nor there.

The dead are alive. The alive aren’t living.

What’s real is distorted and what’s invalid is factual.

Her world and my world co-existing in tangent,

Under the same roof.

Two realities intertwined.

I see her but not what she sees.

She sees what I see through a different lens.

Cracked. Warped by time. 

Contorted by disease.

One foot in reality, one in a fantasy world that belongs to her.

I attempt to visit, but my passport is invalid and I’m stuck

On the outside.

So, I stand one foot here, one foot there

Holding her hand.

Guiding the blind in a world I cannot see.

Author: Allison Saia

Allison Saia is the owner and founder of Your Truth Publishing and Your Truth Magazine, where she inspires people to share their truth and stories with the world. She prides herself as a professional wordsmith and is a highly effective writing coach, editor, and publishing consultant.

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