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I started creative writing at the age of 37 to enter a ghost story competition. My piece Dark Reflection did not win but it did finally gave me the impetus to keep writing. My next story The Conductor was printed in an independent horror magazine called Hallowscream and I’ve had several non-fiction pieces published on the popular entertainment website Den of Geek. My short stories (which I prefer to call Weird Fiction rather than Horror) are generally set in and around a fictional town called Badgers Crossing. Much of my work, including Dark Reflection, can be found at Although I don’t hold back on making the them scary, I do like to write stories which are suitable for any age as it was spooky tales told by my old headmaster when I was 9 years old which first got me thinking I’d like to write my own. Badgers Crossing is a place anyone with a taste for the strange or macabre is welcome to come and play in. Writers are invited to submit their own Badgers Crossing inspired stories, songs or poems to the site. I always try to put a lot of my own truth into my stories and The Carpet Men is no exception. Eddie’s dream has was a real nightmare I had in the early 1980s. As a result I still get nervous around carpet showrooms and, although I do actually love them, I still find The Muppets a little bit sinister!
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THE CARPET MEN by Paul Childs   “What do you mean you don’t like The Muppets?” “Please,” Eddie buried his…

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