by Angela Alcantar

“Love is what we are born with.

Fear is what we learned here.”

“…all human behavior “is” either love or a call for love.”

Until we are able to realize this, we seek for love in whatever way possible; many times in ways that are unhealthy for ourselves and the ones we love.  Since it is a natural yearning to be loved, and to love, we will come up with strategies to achieve love the best way we know how. And as Maya Angelou says, “When you know better you do better.”  So to honor all of us doing our best, and knowing we will do better as we are able, I offer…


Before I knew how to ask for what I needed;

I would TAKE what I needed.

I would use my intelligence and cleverness to

GET what I wanted.

Before I knew the existences of abundant Love,

I would COVET it in small amounts,

Almost SMOTHERing it to extinction

because I was afraid to lose what little I thought I had.

Before I knew how to Love myself,

I would seek WHOLENESS from others.

Now I know Love starts from WITHIN.

I use my words to ask for what I need

And I ACCEPT what others are willing and able to give.

Now I use my intelligence and cleverness

to SHARE the gift of Love with others.

I am no longer afraid to speak my TRUTH.

I am no longer afraid of my FEELINGS.

I no longer need to manipulate because

I can COMMUNICATE what I need.

I now realize I was WHOLE to begin with.

Author: Angela Alcantar

I am a life-long learner, teacher, author, coach, encourager.
I am clear my purpose is to empower others to live an authentic life from their soul’s center.
I passionately seek Truth, not only for myself but I look for ways in which to help others do the same for themselves. I do not use ONE method but am creative and adaptive to each individual situation.
I believe there is a power and a presence in the Universe that is for Good and we can use this energy to create more good in our own lives.

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